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This year’s meet was the total opposite when it came to the weather, wet and windy instead of the dry and warm like we had last season, but nevertheless there was still a good turn out on both horse and foot.

As always, the Speke family welcomed us to Jordan’s for what was once again a lovely meet with new faces and some visitors up from the Tiverton.

Tony Berry MFH introduced the staff in their new roles, remembered some of the close friends the TVFH have lost in the past months and called for hounds to go to the first trail.

The first trail was a speedy one for the first of the season, certainly a step up from the days spent hound exercising in the Autumn, we had a good spin on some good ground which was something of a surprise after all the rain we had of the previous few days, we managed to pop some new rails that have been put up in the summer months by Kennel staff which make it so much easier to keep on the move and for good access in and out of the Vale.

The second trail is where things started to heat up on the jumping front with some nice rails and the first hedge of the season, which claimed at least three victims, David Lowes horse pecked on landing and he slipped onto the turf, Kev Favis decided to go through it and Simon Ashton’s horse decided he’d part company over it as well, all horses and riders were fine.

The day pushed on and many of us lost track of time aiming to head home around 2PM we realised as we went to the third trail that it was gone 3:30PM and most of us headed for home, the hard core brigade decided to go on to Golden Hills for a late afternoon trail before calling it a day at 6PM.

Being back in the Vale never disappoints, lovely ground, different levels of jumping and minimal road work.

A great day had by all.

For photos please go to Dominique's new web page



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