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All are welcome to join us hunting in the Taunton Vale country where you will find a variety of country types and riding challenges. Vale days typically include jumping opportunities, but care is taken to ensure all field members can cross the country and choose their obstacles. An additional non-jumping field master with knowledge of the area will be appointed for the day.

Mrs Jenny Parsons, Regency House, Hemyock, Devon, EX15 3RQ

01823 680238/07772 998982

Bacs Details;


Sort code  60-80-06   Acct. no 02047780


When paying by bacs please email Jenny Parsons to confirm.


Cheques payable to Taunton Vale Foxhounds please.

Subscriptions become due by 1st September for the new season. The secretary would be grateful if monies could be given freely and generously!

A 5% discount is offered to all those paying their subscription in full before September 1st.

A 20% discount on the subscription only will be given to new subscribers. A new subscriber is defined as one who has not been subscribed to the Taunton Vale Foxhounds before.

For those paying subscriptions in two installments the first should be paid by September 1st and the second by November 1st.

*A Taunton Vale Farmer resides permanently on his/her Farm, draws their principle income from Farming and welcomes the Hunt onto their land.

Breakages at cost, if undertaken by the Hunt. 

Pony club members are of course very welcome


Car Caps - £75 for whole season
Point to Point Rider’s Certificate - £50
Hunt Supporters

Membership TV Hunt Supporters Club (includes Meet Card) - £15

TVF HSC Sec; Mrs Judy Glossop, The Old Saddlery, New Street, Somerton, 

TA11 7NZ  01458 270265


Subscription Only

Single Full Subscription    

Full Subscription for 2 adults in a family


Taunton Vale Farmer


Full Single Subscription

 for 18yrs-25yrs


Full Single Subscription

for Under 18's


Point to Point Subscription

Contact Secretary

Subscription Only








Contact Secretary

Subscription Rates



10 vouchers are £500.00,


Two for a Vale day and one for all other days.


When all vouchers are used a full sub is payable. minus the cost of the vouchers paid for.

A record of all vouchers used will be kept by the secretary. Vouchers are not transferable and valid for one season only.


Non-Vale Fri / Sat


Day Caps for Non-Subscribers






18 - 25 years 




9 - 17 years





Under 8 years




** For visitors who subscribe to an adjacent hunt the adult vale cap is £90


Day Caps – after 5 days paying a cap, a full subscription is due, the latest date for payment being 15th December


AUTUMN HUNTING - £10 until Opening Meet if subscription NOT paid


‘Refer a Friend’ deal – a reduced subscription is offered to existing subscribers who introduce a new subscriber to the TVFH


Non-riding subscriptions are most welcome

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