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Hunt Supporters Club

The Hunt Supporters Club supports the Hunt by contributing to the cost of equipment, vehicles and out of the ordinary expenses. 


We raise funds through memberships, running events, raffles, whisky draws and the sale of merchandise.


Please join us to provide that little bit of extra support to the Hunt.  We warmly welcome any help, ideas, or other support that you can give.


Apart from your membership of the Hunt Supporters Club, there are several ways you can support, these are detailed on this card and the enclosed Membership form.  The events, run by the Hunt and the Supporters Club, are detailed on the 'Events' page.


You can also pay your car Cap using the below form.  All Caps collected by us will be transferred to the Hunt’s main account and you will receive a 2023\24 Season card, to display on Hunting days.


Thank you so much for all your support.


The Committee of the Hunt Supporters Club

How we support the Hunt

Thanks to your wonderful support during 2022/23, our last season was the most successful for many years in terms of membership income and support for the Hunt.  During the year we provided the Hunt with over £1,800 of equipment for the Kennels, over £1,900 in other equipment and vehicle repairs and paid over £5,000 from the online auction run in December.  A major refurbishment of Reynards was also completed.  This season we hope to carry on that support and there are already confirmed plans for several events.

Please do continue to support the Hunt and what it stands for by joining and giving what you can in donations and help at events, to all of which you are warmly invited.  Detailed below are some of the ways you can help.  No amount is too small and whatever you can contribute will be very gratefully received.  It will all go to support the Hounds, the Hunt Staff and the Hunt itself.

Hunt Supporters Club Membership - £15.00

Thank you to everyone who paid the increased subscription in 2022/23, which we are holding at £15 this year.  Many members pay annually by standing order and we are most grateful to them for doing so.  It is an enormous help and simplifies things greatly for us so, please, if you can, renew your membership this way and complete the below form to let us know.

Whisky draws - £20.00 and up

Although there will be an opportunity to buy draw tickets at each Meet, please consider buying a season’s worth of tickets right now starting from the beginning of hunting, there will be some 20 weeks in the Season and we plan to run a draw every week.  Results will be announced at each Meet where a draw is made.

This is a significant fundraiser for the Hunt and it really does deserve your support please.  For a one-off payment of just £20 your name will be entered into each weekly draw, with the lucky winner being announced there and then. If you wish to be included twice then please pay £40.00 and so on.  Payment details on the below form.

Donations – No amount too small

Financing the running of the Hunt remains challenging with escalating costs and additional calls on our reserves. In the past, we have received a number of generous donations and we would encourage anyone who is able, to consider making an extra donation to support the work of the Hunt Supporters’ Club and the Hunt.


Car Caps - £75.00

We are continuing our policy of requesting a one-off payment by BACS, if you intend to follow the Hunt by car.  All Caps collected will be transferred to the Hunt’s main account.  The cap for 2023/24 is £75.  If you would like to pay this way, please apply on the form below. 

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