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Smashing Clays for Days

Twenty three teams competed in the TVFH Clay Shoot at Broomfield on Sunday 13th October with guns coming from Sussex, London and Bude.

Teams faced 3 flushes of 50 overhead birds each. With clays being flung from high powered automatic GDK commercial traps – the shooting was deemed to be testing.

Winners of the Team Shoot was local Team “Hodgkin’s Helmets” comprising Skipper Pip Hodgkin, Martin Venner, Rob Small and Nick Pardoe.

The ‘ Helmets achieved a combined score of 81 / 150 – just nosing in front of ‘The Smashers’ and ‘Smack a Rat’ both scoring 76.

The Pairs competition was won by Messrs Tucker and Galliver – scoring 7 / 10 from 13 shots.

Winning Team – “Hodgkin’s Helmets” in action

Victorious Team “Hodgkin’s Helmets” (R – L) Rob Small, Martin Venner, Pip Hodgkin, Simon Pardoe receive the Winners’ Cup for the Team Shoot from Hunt Chairman Dom Alers-Hankey.


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