Sunday 4th October 2020



Pontispool Equine Sports Centre

Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton TA4 1BH

Directions: From Jct 25 & 26 M5 follow signs Wiveliscombe & Norton Fitzwarren on B3227 at Norton Fitzwarren follow horseshoe sign to Pontispool.



Class 1 Pairs 70cm

Class 2 16 & under 70cm

Class 3 Open 70cm

Class 4 Pairs 80cm

Class 5 16 & under 80cm

Class 6 Open 80cm

Class 7 Open 90cm


£29.00 for individual classes

£43.00 for pairs classes

Entry fee includes 4wd and paramedic cover


*Online entries only at http://www.pontispool.co.uk/

Entries close 12noon Wednesday 30TH September or sooner if classes are full.



Posted on the website within 24 hours after the competition.



Prizes in kind for the first, second and third in each class. Prize winners to email info@pontispool.com with their details.



Start times will be published on the website on Friday 2nd October.

Competitors MUST present themselves to the collecting ring steward 5 minutes before their given start time. If competitors do not present themselves for their start time, they will not be permitted to run.



Jay photos will be taking photographs during the day and images will be posted on their website www.jayphotos.co.uk for online purchases only.



The Café will be open for take away food. There will be a one-way system in place.



No Secretarial contact at the course. There will be a Notice board with information at the start and a contact telephone number for queries. Please take a photograph and keep as a reference.



The course may be walked form 2pm Saturday 3rd October.



Competitors must print their allocated number and provide their own number bib.


It is imperative that everyone adheres to government guidelines as the health and welfare of everyone on site is of paramount importance. Competitors agree to the following:



1/ If you have any covid 19 symptoms stay at home.

2/ No spectators permitted. Horse transport only will be permitted on site. All cars will be turned away.

3/ To comply with track and trace competitors must keep a record of all persons travelling with them.

4/ Follow social distancing guidelines at all times.

5/ Park a minimum of 5 metres apart. Tying up permitted on one side only.

6/ Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times.

7/ Hand sanitiser will be available in the toilet and café area. Please use it before and after entering                these premises.

8/ Arrive, compete and leave.



  1. There will be a timed section to determine the placings. Fastest clear round wins.

  2. Penalties will be as follows:

  • Fall of Horse or rider -Elimination

  • 1st Refusal- 20 penalties

  • 2nd Refusal- 20 penalties

  • 3rd Refusal- Elimination

  • Five refusals on the course-Elimination

  • Dangerous riding, excessive use of the whip or abusive language- Elimination

  • Dressing fences for pairs classes- 0-5 penalties

  • Jumping wrong fence or omission of obstacle-Elimination

   3. Horses/ponies must be 5 years of age or older.

   4. Minimum age: riders must be 8yrs or older.

   5. The organisers decision is final and they may disqualify any rider at any stage in the competition              for dangerous riding, inappropriate behaviour, misuse of whips or spurs, ill treatment of the horse          or if in their opinion the horse is lame, sick or exhausted.

   6. The organiser reserves the right to alter the schedule, refuse any entry, eliminate any competitor              not adhering to the rules, alter the course before or during the competition, alter the advertised                times and to cancel any class.

   7. Correct riding attire must be worn at all times. Riders MUST dress in Cross Country colours wear             skull caps (PAS 015; ASTM F1163; AS/NZS 3838 2006 onwards) and body protectors (BETA                         approved Level 3; 2009 or after) to the current British Safety Standard (hats with a fixed peak are               not permitted) as per British Eventing rules. Competitors who do not conform to this rule will not           be allowed to start.

   8. Numbers – it is the responsibility of competitors to provide their own number bibs and paper                   number.

   9. All competitors take part at their own risk and are expected to exercise due care at all times and                 obey all notices placed for their control.

   10. Practice jumps must be approached from the direction indicated (red flag on right). Stewards will            restrict numbers in the collecting ring

   11 .Horse passports must be available for random lorry park inspection have up to date flu vaccination         record

   12. Horses may compete in no more than two classes.

   13. GO-Pros or similar are not permitted

   14. In the event of cancellation of the competition please refer to T&Cs published on the Pontispool             website http://www.pontispool.co.uk/

   15. A rider who falls in the collecting ring must be passed by the paramedic before competing

   16. Competitors agree to the terms and conditions as published on the website http://www.pontispool.co.uk/

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